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Search job fairs in every state right from your computer.  We save you countless hours of searching  from website to website and going through newspapers and publications trying to find upcoming job fairs. Job Fairs and Resources.

Job Fairs Are Your Best Resource For Finding High Paying Local Employment Opportunities.

Jobseekers have to be thoroughly prepared when they are attending hiring events because the first impression is what most recruiters remember about a candidate - The first impression is everything.  Hiring events result in such high percentage of employment opportunities primarily because of their nature.  Face-to-face hiring events are personable and gives jobseekers and recruiters the unique opportunity to speak one on one.  Jobseekers should approach every hiring event as though they are approaching a very important interview with the No.1 company in the US.  Always arrive to the hiring event early, dress for success and take plenty of resumes.

Resume And Cover Letter Tips

When you are looking for a new job opportunity the first thing that a prospective employer sees is your resume and cover letter. Given the volume of applicants in today's competitive job market your resume and cover letter can be scanned over in as little as thirty seconds so you need to make an impact. Here are some resume and cover letter tips to help you be more successful in your chosen career.

Video on Writing A Resume
Resume Guide

Top 3 Social Media Sites For Job Search

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the #1 spot for job seekers, those currently employed, marketers who are looking to build lists and salespeople who are seeking out new clients. With 35 million users, including recruiters and job seekers, LinkedIn is quite a hot spot. Of course, due to the current state of the economy, it's simple to understand why LinkedIn is more popular than ever.

2. Plaxo With Simply Hired
Plaxo is a social network that resembles LinkedIn to a certain degree. You’re able to create your own profile with a section about you, your contact information and your “pulse stream,” which is made up of your presence on social media sites such as Twitter. You’re even able to share your photo album and send eCards, which is a nice differentiator.

3. Twitter With Blog or LinkedIn URL
Twitter is an amazing tool if you can unlock its power. It’s taken me months to understand how conversations flow and how I can add to the discussion. Twitter breaks down communication barriers and lets you talk directly to hiring managers, without having to submit a resume immediately to a machine.

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